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The Great Debate--Parental Involvement?!

Posted by Connie Vellekoop on January 19, 2010 at 8:35 AM

One of the issues that appears frequently is that of Parental Involvement in the pianistic progress of a student.

    Age of the student is the main factor--the younger the student, the more the parent needs to be involved: Reminding about practice time, making sure it happens, reading the notebook with the student and making sure he/she understands what and how to practice.

     As the student matures, the parent can involve themselves less and less -- BUT, always keeping an ear tuned to what's going on!  YOU are paying a lot of money for this, so it's to your best interest to make sure your child is progressing as they should. 

:lol: I'm a firm believer in "You live under my roof, eat my food, so I call the shots!"  This does not have to be done in a domineering, belligerent way.  It's what I call "cheerful obdurance!"  And believe me, this is all from LONG experience with my own kids.  I have heard EVERY excuse, ALL the tearful complaints, and ANY kind of temper tantrum.  With calm demeanor and folded arms, I reminded them, "I, your mother, cannot be moved!"

      I WOULD like to gently request, though, that if the parent is sitting in on the lesson, to please not offer corrections, reprimands, and comments to your offspring during the lesson.  I am perfectly capable of correcting even (gasp!) BAD ATTITUDES.  Yup, I've seen them all and I have my ways of dealing with it.  And if it's a musical correction needed, I take into account the priority and importance of the mistake--sometimes choosing to focus on only one or two issues.



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